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Dr. Sandra is honored to address organizations and colleges looking for a roadmap on resilience, revival, perseverance, and the transformative power of service to others.

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From survival to revival, Dr. Sandra’s extraordinary life journey stands as a testament to the possibility of finding life after loss.

Ready with an inspiring message, a dynamic personality, and unwavering passion, Dr. Sandra brings a contagious energy to every event. When she steps onto the stage, Dr. Sandra delivers a powerful presentation infused with themes of hope, resilience, success, and revival, sparking a transformative flame within each member of the audience.

Central to Dr. Sandra’s belief is the idea that every individual possesses the potential to fulfill their aspirations. By the conclusion of her talk, your audience will not only embrace this belief but also depart feeling confident, uplifted, and motivated to instigate positive change in their lives.


Thanks for sharing your journey in an attempt to help others know there are consequences and repercussions for the choices we make. You made yourself transparent through your descriptive discussions of the roads that lead to unfamiliar/unknown places and now by reflecting on the past you are on the path to “YOU

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Speaking Topics

Book Dr. Sandra to speak on these or other topics, including:

Peer Support Strategies for Trauma Survivors: Unveiling the Thrauma® Approach

  • Explore the innovative Thrauma® methodology in peer support services.
  • Understand the comprehensive view of trauma – life before, during, and after the impactful experience.

Thriving in the Aftermath: The Thrauma® Roadmap to Resilience

  • Unveil the roadmap to resilience through Thrauma®, focusing on life after impactful experiences.
  • Discuss strategies for individuals to move from survival to thriving.

Transforming Trauma Narratives: A Thrauma® Workshop

  • Dr. Sandra hosts a workshop where diverse perspectives on trauma are explored using the Thrauma® methodology.
  • She encourages open discussions and collaborations on reshaping narratives about trauma.

Community Healing: Thrauma® as a Catalyst for Change

  • Examine how the Thrauma® methodology can be a catalyst for community healing.
  • Discuss the role of peer support in fostering positive change within communities.

Articles & Media

Discover a few of Dr. Sandra’s articles, videos, and interviews.

The Book

“Choices: My Way Home to Me”
“Choices: A Criminal Justice Workbook”

by dr. sandra d. smith

Discover the profound impact of choices through Dr. Sandra D. Smith’s real-life journey in “Choices.” Uncover the consequences of disobedience and the transformative power of forgiveness amid a tumultuous backdrop of lies, betrayal, theft, imprisonment, and infidelity. Dr. Smith’s narrative, captured in “Choices: My Way Home to Me,” serves as a powerful testament to the redemptive nature of conscious choices.

For an interactive experience, explore “Choices the Criminal Justice Workbook,” an extension of Dr. Smith’s story. Tailored for individuals facing incarceration and designed for criminal justice courses, this journal facilitates reflection on specific chapter questions. An invaluable resource for personal growth and rehabilitation, it invites thoughtful exploration and self-discovery.

Dr. Sandra D. Smith is a Thrauma® Strategist and international speaker dedicated to supporting formerly incarcerated individuals as they reintegrate into the community.

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