Hello! I’m Dr. Sandra Smith.

International Speaker,  Author,  and Trauma Healing Strategist. I support formerly incarcerated individuals by strategically guiding them through reintegrating into society with trauma healing, support services, and advocacy.

Past mistakes don’t define the future.
I believe with the right support and guidance formerly incarcerated individuals can:

Reconnect with family - no matter how long someone has been away

Gain access to education and vocational for personal and professional growth

Secure stable employment and contribute positively to society

Meet Dr. Sandra

“Dr. Sandra D. Smith is quite possibly the most unique and best kept secret and example of “Recovery” in today’s society.”

Dr. Sandra is on a mission to guide formerly incarcerated underrepresented individuals as they navigate the challenging journey of reintegration into society.  As a Trauma Recovery Strategist and International Speaker, she passionately advocates for resources, opportunities, and healing, fostering a supportive environment and community for those seeking to rebuild their lives after incarceration.

Dr. Smith has earned a PhD with a dissertation focus on support services – both published with UMI and the German Scholars Press. She is also a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, Certified Reentry Peer Specialist, and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern.


If you could just imagine the shock I felt from my seat while hearing you speak. I always thank God for keeping me surrounded by His people while I was incarcerated. Hearing your testimony and reading your book has helped set me free in a way I don’t know how to express. You encourage me to be greater. I admire you because even when you went through your own situation, you always reached out to help another, gave us information, and took a stand.

TB, New York

Work with Dr. Sandra

Thrauma® Training

With Thrauma® training, experience a transformative journey towards healing and navigating through the challenges of trauma. Reclaim control and find inner strength, resilience, and confidence.


Elevate your event with Dr. Sandra, a captivating speaker who shares her compelling personal narrative of loss and finding herself again. Book Dr. Sandra to inspire and resonate with your audience.

Re-Entry Advocate

Unlock a brighter future with tailored support for individuals transitioning back into society after incarceration. Work with Dr. Sandra to successfully embrace a new chapter.


“This is an amazing true life story. I applaud your courage in sharing this awesome story with us.”

The decisions we make have profound effects on our lives, often beyond our expectations. Delve into the real-life narrative of Dr. Sandra D. Smith in “Choices: My Way Home to Me” and the companion Workbook to explore the significant repercussions of disobedient choices and the path to redemption through the transformative choice of accepting grace and forgiveness.


I will not spoil this reading for anyone, but all I know is that I can not put this book down! Feels like I am going through a “Scandal” suspense! Awesome writing and great inspiration to us all who have made choices in life.

FM, Houston

Dr. Sandra D. Smith is a Thrauma® Strategist and international speaker dedicated to supporting formerly incarcerated individuals as they reintegrate into the community.

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