Through her Thrauma® philosophy, Dr. Sandra is a pioneer in re-entry strategies, recidivism prevention, and trauma. Her passion for criminal justice reform positions her as a sought-after authority, dedicated to transforming lives and fostering positive change.

Thrauma® is for you if you’re a community-focused organization or business…

Facing challenges in providing comprehensive re-entry support to formerly incarcerated individuals?

Frustrated with ineffective strategies to prevent recidivism among the individuals you serve?

Creating an inclusive and supportive environment for formerly incarcerated individuals?

thrauma® program

Group Workshops & Strategy
for Non-Profits

Discover a groundbreaking perspective on trauma with Thrauma®—an innovative term coined from Dr. Sandra’s personal journey through incarceration.

Thrauma® extends beyond the isolated traumatic event, encompassing life before, during, and after the impactful experience. Discover the Thrauma® methodology, which views trauma as an ongoing experience, not just a single incident, providing a holistic understanding of its profound effects.

Work with Dr. Sandra to explore the transformative power of Thrauma® to equip your organization with training that goes beyond conventional narratives and ineffective strategies.

Benefits of Thrauma®:

Holistic Support Approach

Thrauma® offers nonprofits a comprehensive framework to address the multifaceted needs of formerly incarcerated individuals by recognizing and addressing the various layers of trauma—enabling a more holistic and effective support system.

Enhanced Community Integration

By going beyond traditional narratives and understanding trauma as an ongoing experience, Thrauma® facilitates a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by formerly incarcerated individuals. This promotes smoother community integration and a more inclusive society.

Long-term Impact on Recidivism

Thrauma® focuses on a holistic understanding of trauma and emphasizes resilience has the potential to positively impact recidivism rates. By addressing the root causes of reoffending, nonprofits can contribute to breaking the cycle of incarceration.

Collaborative Partnerships

Thrauma® encourages collaborative efforts with other organizations, mental health professionals, and community stakeholders. This collaborative approach can amplify the impact of the nonprofit’s efforts and create a network of support for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Grant and Funding Opportunities

The unique and progressive nature of Thrauma® may attract attention from grantors and funders who prioritize innovative solutions to societal challenges. This can open up additional financial resources for the nonprofit to expand its impact.

Measurable Outcomes

Thrauma® emphasizes a holistic understanding and reshapes narratives, which provides a framework for establishing clear and measurable outcomes. Nonprofits can demonstrate the tangible impact of their efforts, fostering accountability and transparency.


Elevating Learning through Expert Consultation

With nearly two decades of expertise, we specialize in crafting dynamic curricula, evaluating programs, offering collaborative insights, developing re-entry strategies, and delivering expert trauma training. From crafting engaging synchronous and asynchronous curricula to formulating re-entry strategies, and delivering expert trauma training, Synergy is at the forefront of educational innovation.

Our commitment goes beyond consultation – it’s about enhancing educational practices and cultivating positive learning environments. Trust Synergy to bring unparalleled experience, creativity, and dedication to every aspect of your educational journey. Elevate your institution with the proven excellence of Synergy Evolutionary Education Consulting – where expertise meets evolution!

Dr. Sandra D. Smith is a Thrauma® Strategist and international speaker dedicated to supporting formerly incarcerated individuals as they reintegrate into the community.

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